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  • (641) 622-2383
  • tgilliland@southeastiowalink.com

How Do I Qualify?

In order to determine your eligibility for regional funded services, we look at several criteria that could include:

1. Diagnosis – Applicants must have a diagnosis that is covered by the Regional Management Plan. These include Intellectual Disability, Mental Health Disorders, Developmental Delay, Brain Injury and Serious Emotional Disturbance

2. Financial – Applicant has an income below 500% of Federal Poverty Level.

3. Need – Applicants must be in need of the particular service they are requesting.

Services Available in Our Region

• Intake, resource and referral
• Service Coordination
• Outpatient or inpatient mental health care
• Mental Health first aid classes
• Community education programs
• Crisis services
• Additional Services listed in the SCBHR management plan

What Services Can We Assist Children With?

• Service Coordination
• Outpatient Assessments & Evaluation
Medication Prescribing & Management
Early Identification & Early Intervention
Education Services
Attend educational meetings such as; IEP, 504 plan, transition from high school to college/adulthood
24 hr Mobile Response
Mental Health Outpatient Therapy
Supported Community Living and Employment Services
Recovery services – family support, peer support
Collaborate with all team members involved with child’s well-being & education