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Our Program

With supports, individuals with psychiatric disabilities can live in housing of their choice, just like any other member of the community. South Central Behavioral Health Region partners with providers that assist our clients in finding, obtaining, and maintaining housing of their choice within the community. All tenants have access to an array of services that help them keep their housing, such as case management, assistance with daily activities, conflict resolution, and crisis response. Tenants also receive help in becoming fully participating members of the community, through assistance with socialization, cop-ing skills, and seeking employment.

What is Housing First?

Housing First offers flexible supports and partners with providers to help people with psychiatric disabilities choose, obtain, and maintain housing that is decent, safe, affordable, and integrated in the community.  Central to the approach is a belief that people with psychiatric disabilities should have the right to live in a home of their own.

How does Housing First work?

  • Supports: Housing First staff partner with service providers that help their clients choose housing that meets their needs, obtain and pay for that housing, and keep the housing for as long as they choose.
  • Quality Housing: Housing meets standards for safety and quality established by local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Housing is similar to what is available to others at similar income levels in the community.
  • Rental Assistance: Tenants pay 30% of their income toward rent plus basic utilities. The remainder is paid by Housing First funds, which tenants can use towards housing of their choice. For clients without income, the region pays 100% of their rent and utilities until they obtain employment or disability benefits or qualify for Section 8 Housing.
  • Standard Lease: Tenants sign a standard lease, just like any other member of the community, giving tenants the same legal rights. Housing First staff conduct housing inspections to en-sure clients are meeting the conditions of the lease on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Functional Separation of Housing and Supports: Participation in services is mandatory, however tenants can choose from a range of services and providers based on their needs and preferences. The provision of housing and support services are separate and distinct.
  • Integration: Tenants’ homes are located throughout the community so that tenants will have opportunities